Sunday, April 15, 2012


If you are interested in furniture, you should pay attention in this blog entry because I'm going to cover about Philippe Starck, a famous designer.
Philippe Starck, a famous designer who was born in 1949, always tries to create a better and more convenient object. He first started out as an architect, however, nowadays, he is more well-known as a furniture designer than an architect. I decided to write an entry about him because my mom and I like his unique, but simple designs.

This is a table designed by Philippe Starck. I like Starck's design because even though I had this table for about 6 years, because of its simple and modern design, it does not look that old. Also, the best part of his designs is convenience. Philippe Starck is well-known for going against limited editions. He argued that limited editions leads to a selection through money rather than necessity. From his argument, people can know that he is designing for usefulness. Like the table that I have, our family use it in a convenient way, such as when serving guests. Another good thing about the table is that the smaller table looks like a chair, however, it actually can be used as a small table. If we are not using the small one, we can keep it inside the bigger one, and take it out whenever we needed it.

Some people call Starck as a "Timeless icon". This lighting is a great example of it because even though this lighting was designed in 1996, it still looks modern and futuristic. If you want to see some reviews and news about Starck, see here.

“Every object, every shape, every style must have a meaning, and it is this meaning that influences us every day.” Philippe Starck. This quote by Philippe Starck shows his purpose of design. His works contains meanings, which is to provide the best possible service. His stylish and useful designs are still being loved by public.

If you want more information about Philippe Starck, click this.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


As I said in the previous blog entry, now I'm going to introduce one of the products from 10 corso como that I bought. Like the design of 10 corso como, goods that are being sold in 10 Corso Como are also interesting and fascinating. Therefore, I enjoy buying unique items from there. Among those, in this entry, I'm going to cover about goods that are designed with Keith Haring's artworks.

Keith Haring (1958-1990), a public art painter, is famous with his unique way of drawing. His artworks are made up of little caricatures of humans and sometimes, Haring included a social messages to public. After his death, his artwork became more famous that some companies even made a goods using his designs. Among those, kids chair with his painting caught my attention.

 These chairs are called "Keith Haring Kids Chair". A famous wood-turning toy company called Vilac produced a chair for children using Haring's artwork. There are 5 different color designs for this chair. If you want to see a short introduction of this chair, see here. Even though this chair is for children to sit and relax, I decided to buy these chairs because I personally wanted to leave these beside my bed and use as a small table. Right now, I'm actually using it as a small table, putting my phone charger, lamp and other items on the chair. Like me, this chair can be used in a various different ways.

Not only this chair, but also there are many different items with Keith Haring's paintings on them, such as iphone cases, t-shirts, watches, and more. If you interested in buying those or want to see the design, check out this.

Even though it's been over 20 years since Keith Haring passed away, people are still remembering his art works. I like Haring's artwork because sometimes it looks complex and complicated, in a big picture, I can see what he is trying to express. Also, all of his paintings have unique pattern that catches eyes of people. Although he lived a short life, he left a lot of fabulous art works that people can enjoy forever. If you want to know more about Keith Haring, click here.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


This post is a little bit different from the previous posts. For this one, I'll introduce an interesting style of building and the next post will cover some eye-catching items selling in this store.

Chungdam-dong is well known as a fashionable street. There are a lot of stores of famous brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and more. The buildings built along the street are attractive. When you walk the street of Chungdam, there are tons of stunning buildings. Among them, there is a building that stands out the most.

This building above is the most conspicuous store among all those attractive buildings. Different from other buildings, this store is made out of glass, so that people can see inside of the store. The whole building is made up of glass, which is very unusual. This is a building of 10 corso como, which is the multi-shop, meaning that they sell a lot of different kinds of products in one place. I personally like this place and since it is right in front of my house, I like to go and buy goods in this store. This store not only has various different goods, but also the design of the building itself is the most stunning part.

This building has two stories. On the first floor, they sell small useful goods, household items and some books. In addition, there is a cafe and restaurant on the other side of the first floor. Second floor is also divided into two sides, one side for women, and the other side for men. On the second floor, they sell clothes from many different brands. You can see a lot of clothes from different brands in one place. I like 10 Corso Como because it not only has a cafe/restaurant that I can enjoy food, but also I can see various different style of clothes in one place.  Thus, it is convenient to spend time in weekends.

 This is the first thing that you'll see when you go into the store, which is an eye-catching ceiling. Like the uncommon outside appearance of the building, the interior design of this store is also creative and fascinating. 

A wallpaper of this building changes at least once a month. Therefore, watching different style of wallpaper would be another way of enjoying 10 corso como. Since the building is made out of a glass, it is always bright. An incorporation of the sunlight coming through the building and the attractive interior design of the building is my favorite part of 10 corso como.

This is a basic appearance and design of 10 corso como. This building always makes me feel like I'm in a different country, which is one of the reason why I like 10 corso como. For some people, the design of this building might look distracted and unfocused, I could definitely find a pattern and unity among varying styles.

In next post, I'm going to write about some of the convenient goods that I bought from this store. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


When I was surfing in the web, I found an interesting item that you can use in the plane. If you are a traveler, pay attention!

Whenever I ride a plane, there is always a "sleeping time". It can be considered as the most comfortable and important time while traveling, but because of that, I sometimes miss the meal time, which is really bad. :(
I thought that this sleeping mask can solve the problem. It is two-sided, written differently. One side, it says "Please wake me for meals." but on the other side, it says "Please, don't wake me until we land." Whenever you are traveling on the plane, just simply take this on and it will show your opinion.

In my opinion, this sleeping mask is really interesting. I often miss my meal time because of sleep and I am hungry after I land. This can not only solve this problem but also catches people's attention. The only problem with this mask is that some people cannot sleep with the mask on their face. Except for that, I think it is a perfect item to use during the flight.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ALTERNATIVE fork-knife-chopsticks

While I was looking for a clever and useful utensils, I found this alternative fork-knife-chopsticks. People who like to use all three of them while eating food would love this item.

When you are using forks and knifes, you can separate them and use it. While using chopsticks, just simply connect those to become a pair of spring loaded chopsticks. With only two utensil, you can use that as three function.

When I first saw this item, I thought that this was a very good idea because whenever I was using all three of them, changing to knife, fork, and chopsticks depending on the food was very uncomfortable. However, when I think of actually using this, I think might be unnecessary to have it. For example, when you are eating in restaurant, I doubt that people would like you bringing your own utensils. Nonetheless, using this at home would be good idea.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


This is another post that can help you with your memory. If the previous post was about remembering your meeting times and events, this will make you not to forget take things like phone, or home key before you leave the house. Have you ever used wall plates before? If you did, this one includes both hook and the place to put your envelop in.

 Sometimes I come back to home to get some paper that I need or my phone. Immediately after I saw this wall plate, I thought that this would help me a lot. Even though I don't use house key, I can put my hats or my outer clothes there. The disadvantage of this product is that this can be only used for certain design of the switch. Therefore, we cannot use this in Korea. However, if you live in the house with this switch, here's a website for you about the designer of this wall plate explaining about how to install this and about the design.


As the year is heading towards the end, all the people are getting busy. TOO MUCH things and events happening in this week or next week make you forget something. This post it will solve this problem.

This post-it is designed like a watch, so that you can have it on your wrist. This watch post-it sticks to it self, and forms a band. You can write down some important stuffs, for example your meeting time or subjects that you need to study and you'll never forget them!

This week is a final week for me, with 7 exams going on. I had all the plans for each day to study certain subjects. Nonetheless, I always forgot what I needed to do in certain time. So I thought that this watch post-it would be very helpful with these issues. Unfortunately, this post-it is not available in States, nor in Korea. Right now, it is only available in France. However, I believe that one day this product will be available in every country, making things easier for people.

Despite these facts, in my opinion, I thought that this product was really interesting and innovative. Even though this is a simple design that we can think of, nobody made it until now. If this is available in Korea, I would definitely buy it and use it!